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Finally he asked the whole party to halt, that
he might talk to them. He said:

"Brothers, our food will be scarce before we get
out of the mountains. We have suffered many
hardships, and we have many miles yet to travel
If we do not hurry out of here, perhaps larger
numbers of Crees may come to seek vengeance on
you—and some of you may die. Why allow me
to endanger the lives of others? I shall gladly die
as the only sacrifice for the many enemies we have
killed. Please^ I beseech you? build a fire and
allow me to die like a warrior, that our success may
cost but one life. Brothers, I have spoken/

After much wrangling among the other war-
riors, during which Rock Thunder renewed his
pleading with them, the party finally gathered a
number of logs and stacked them in a huge pile.
They placed a lot of dry brush in the centre of
the heap, and bade Rock Thunder to 'take his

Without a word. Rock Thunder climbed upon
the pile of logs and sat down in the little heap of
brush. With his own flints he lighted the brush
beneath him. Then, chanting his death-song as
the smoke slowly grew into flames, he sat and
looked far out over the rolling mountains toward
the spot where our victory had been won. He
ran the back of his hand across his forehead once,
to wipe away the perspiration; $nd that was the